In the run up to Christmas, the IGUAL A TI association together with the BODEGA CARLOS MORO belonging to the Matarromera Family Wineries, have published a small-format, easy-to-keep book, in which the winning texts of the “International Literary Toast Competition” which was organised last June, have been collated.

This publication will be distributed amongst the collaborators and entities that made the competition possible, as well as the workers both at the winery and the association. The winners of the competition will also get a copy and it will also be available at the winery itself in San Vicente de la Sonsierra.

The toasts that are included within the book include universal themes such as joy, love or the wine world. Half of the texts were written by people with learning difficulties that participated in the special category of the competition and whose texts were also awarded.

This competition, the result of the partnership between the IGUAL A TI organisation, the institute that works to support the intellectually disabled community in La Rioja, and the BODEGA CARLOS MORO, claims to boost literary creation using innovative and inclusive methods.


IGUAL A TI association

The IGUAL A TI association is the most experienced of its kind in La Rioja. It began more than 50 years ago (the 31st of January 1964), as a response to the concern of a group of mothers and fathers of children with learning difficulties, that felt that mutual assistance was necessary as well as the commitment of everyone in the support of the people with learning difficulties and their families too.  It relies on more than 150 professionals and 368 people staff their centres and services in Logroño and Calahorra.

Bodega Carlos Moro

Carlos Moro founded Matarromera in 1988 but the passion for the land and the wine that it produced came from a long wine-growing tradition passed down through his ancestors. In 2014, the bid for the prestigious Qualified Denomination of Riojan Origin was fulfilled, thereby creating the company “Bodegas & Viñedos Carlos Moro”.

In 2015, Bodega Carlos Moro celebrated its first harvest of more than 400,000 kg and in 2016 opened its doors to wine tourism, offering different experiences to tourists to get closer to this region of great wine-growing tradition and prestige and the opportunity to take a tour of the impressive 300m long, 1,200 square metre cellar. They also offer the opportunity to see every level of the winery in the panoramic lift, from which you can see the entire winemaking process.

They currently have over more than 20 hectares of  their own vineyards, split into 23 plots across San Vincente de la Sonsierra in La Rioja and Labastida in Álava and 75 controlled hectares located in these locations and Ábalos, a municipality attached to San Vicente de la Sonsierra.

Bodega Carlos Moro produces CM wine, CM Prestigio, Viña Garugele, Oinoz Crianza, Oinoz by Claude Gros and Oinoz Verdejo.