«BODEGAS CARLOS MORO» is the name chosen for the new winery of Matarromera Group in Rioja. The Management Board of the company has decided to link the name of this new winery with the figure of the Founder, Winemaker and President of the group, Mr. Carlos Moro.

The facade of the winery, located in San Vicente de la Sonsierra, shines with the name, accompanied by the shield specially designed for the image of this winery.

Carlos Moro Winery, located in the heart of Rioja Alta, aims to become one of the wine references of the region where excellence and quality are essential hallmarks.

Bodega Carlos Moro owns  twenty hectares of vineyards and forty controlled. The investment exceeds over € 6 million,. The winery will have the highest technology to produce wines of excellence.

Matarromera Group is also investing in the acquisition of new plots, especially in the vicinity of San Vicente de la Sonsierra and Labastida. Grupo Matarromera will also invest in the acquirement of enological machinery of the latest technology for the production of high quality wine, with techniques such as the automatically «bleeding» of the wine and the separation of the stems from the grape skin without braking them, which permit to improve the process of winemaking for limited and exclusive productions.  Moreover, joining tradition and modernity, some of the fermentation processes will take place in  concrete deposits, covered with isolation material. All this combined with the technical knowledge and passion of the team of enologists of Grupo Matarromera, as well as the exciting challenge of making wines of the highest quality in the well known D.O. Rioja Wine region.

More information about Bodega Carlos Moro

The winery is located on a hillside with excellent views of the town and an environment of great scenic and cultural value. Its location, surrounded by vineyards, with different levels between the various units of production, aging, bottling and forwarding, allows the handling of grapes and wine racking by gravity.

It highlights its underground depth of 1,200 m2 with capacity for more than 2,000 barrels allowing natural breeding and homogeneous form throughout the year, since the optimum temperature and humidity conditions, regardless of the weather outside without dependence on industrial refrigeration equipment and / or air conditioning.

Bodega Carlos Moro also responds to the company´s commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment. In that line the winery will feature a biomass boiler.

The winery also open its doors to wine tourism, becoming a close and accessible winery for its enviable geographical location for visitors and tourists, and to promote a wine culture reference area for decades.